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The printer consists of those parts

From the outside, printer is mainly composed of a shell, a control panel, an interface, a paper tray, a paper jam guide, a paper feeder, and a paper output extension board;

Extended information

Classification and characteristics of printers based on component structure

  1. Classification: According to the data transmission mode, it can be divided into serial printers and parallel printers; but according to the working principle of printers, printers can be divided into two categories: impact type and non-impact type.
  2. Features:

①The highest printing speed: 52.5 fonts/second.

②With international font library.

③There are parallel and series terminals.

④ Thermal serial dot printer.

⑤ Make a hard copy of the measurement results.

Printer precautions

In case the printer generates heat, smoke, peculiar smell, abnormal sound, etc., please cut off the power immediately and contact the information personnel.

No other items are allowed on the printer. When the printer is not used for a long time, please unplug the power plug from the power socket.

Just in case, when there is a thunder nearby, pull out the power plug from the socket. If it is plugged in, the machine may be damaged.

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