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  • Original Xiaomi 20000mAh mobile power bank 2 two-way fast charging dual USB output

    |Battery capacity≠actual capacity

    The big red box "20000mAh" is the battery capacity of Xiaomi, which can be understood as the theoretical capacity and battery cell capacity. During the power conversion process, energy consumption will occur, and the final effective power must not reach 20000mAh.
    The battery capacity is 20000mAh. Why is the actual output capacity different by several thousand mAh? Take the 18650 battery cell as an example. The battery cell voltage is usually 3.7V, but the actual voltage when charging the mobile phone is 5V. According to the power bank conversion efficiency of 100%, the theoretical capacity converted to the output is 20000mAh×3.7/5 =14800mAh. So if you claim a 2w mAh power bank, the actual output capacity is about 14800, which is very good.
    In order to compare the actual output capacity more fairly, we all use the conditions of 5V and 1A to test the discharge capacity, and it turns out that some power banks do not even reach 10,000.

    main feature

    -Ultra-large capacity 20000mAh portable power bank
    -Two-way fast charging, whether it is charging or discharging, is more effective
    -Support low current discharge, suitable for Bluetooth headsets and Xiaomi bracelets
    -Made of high temperature resistant ABS material, round edge design
    -LED indicator to show you power status
    -Support simultaneous charging and discharging
    -Fashionable design, compact size
    -Built-in multiple protection
    Brand: Xiaomi
    Type: Standby power bank
    Capacity range:> 10000mAh
    Capacity (mAh): 20000mAh
    Connection type: micro USB, two USB output ports
    Battery type: lithium polymer battery
    color: White
    Material: ABS
    Input: 5V / 2A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A
    Output: 5.1V / 2.4A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A, maximum 18W
    Package weight: 0.430 kg
    Product size (length x width x height): 13.55 x 6.76 x 2.39 cm / 5.33 x 2.66 x 0.94 inches
    Packing size (length x width x height): 17.00 x 9.50 x 3.50 cm / 6.69 x 3.74 x 1.38 inches
    Package contents: 1 x mobile power supply, 1 x USB cable

    Original Xiaomi 20000mAh mobile power bank 2 two-way fast charging dual USB output

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    What is the difference between cheap and expensive power banks with the same nominal capacity?

    1. In terms of the production and manufacturing process of the battery cells of the power bank, the cheap power bank battery cells have poor quality and low cost, and the more expensive power bank battery cells have high costs;
    2. The peripheral control chip needs to be authorized by a fast charging agreement such as Apple Qualcomm, and the price will naturally be high;
    3. The design of appearance and service life will also cause price differences;Related Products
  • What are the types of tire pressure gauges

    Tire pressure gauges come in countless shapes and sizes, but they all boil down to several basic types. Dial, numbers,. It may look different meters and display different results, but they all use the same.
    The first and most common measure is the stick type, also known as the pen type. It consists of a metal or plastic shell, a pocket clip and a deep sleeve chuck, which is usually used on the other side for pressure relief bumps.
    The second type of pressure gauge is the dial type. It contains a protective cover around the background pressure scale dial indicator on the same dial. An air chuck or a piece of hose is connected to the dial. These meters are easier to read, but more expensive.
    The third type is the digital tire pressure gauge. It consists of some necessary electronic products around a protective casing, in the form of digital readings read by the driver. An air clamp is connected to a rigid or section of hose sleeve. These meters are the easiest to use, they have a direct LCD reading, and some even talk! The electronic components used in these meters are called strain gauges. The air from the tire enters the pressure gauge in the body and it pushes the strain gauge. The resulting bending strain gauge changes its resistance value. This resistance change is input to the microprocessor and converted into a binary signal for driving LCD readings. In all shapes and sizes, these meters are very accurate and very durable.

  • What is camera flash

    The camera flash is mostly used for instant lighting in low-light situations, and it is also used in brightly-lit situations to partially fill light in the subject.

    It can emit strong light in a short period of time, and it is a photographic accessory for photosensitivity. It is mostly used for instantaneous lighting in low-light situations, and also used in brightly-lit situations to partially fill light in the subject. Small size, safe to use, easy to carry and stable performance.

    After the flash is fully charged, the flash sync contact on the camera turns on the flash circuit. During the flash firing period, the light emitted from the flash illuminates the subject, reflects off the subject and enters the camera (for exposure) and the flash metering element. This photometric element quickly converts the light energy into an electric signal and inputs it to the integrating circuit, and then the integrating circuit outputs an electric signal proportional to the amount of flash light; when the amount of flash light reaches the requirement of appropriate exposure, the integral circuit’s The output of the electrical signal causes the control circuit to trigger the flash stop circuit, thereby extinguishing the flashlight.

  • What are the types of mobile phone batteries

    The mobile phone battery is an energy storage tool that provides power to the mobile phone. It consists of three parts: a battery cell, a protection circuit and a casing. The mobile phone battery generally uses a lithium battery and a nickel-metal hydride battery. For the "activation" of the lithium battery, there are many opinions Yes: The charging time must be more than 12 hours, and full charge and discharge are repeated three times to activate the battery. This statement of "the first three charges must be charged for more than 12 hours" is for rechargeable batteries in the 1990s. The nickel-cadmium batteries at that time had a memory effect and needed to be fully charged to ensure battery capacity. The mobile phone uses a lithium-ion battery, which has no memory effect. Generally, it can be fully charged in 2-3 hours, which is enough. If the first three charging and discharging of the new battery can really reach 12 hours or more, it will cause great damage to the battery, and may cause the battery to swell or even burn. Fortunately, both the mobile phone and the charger have protection circuits. When it is fully charged, it will automatically power off, and it will not continue to charge when plugged into the charger. However, it is better to unplug the charger at this time to prevent the charger's protection circuit from overcharging, causing serious damage to the battery materials and affecting the battery's capacity and life.

  • Tire pressure gauge uses pressure sensing technology

    A tire pressure gauge or a car tire pressure gauge is a special pressure gauge designed to measure the pressure in the tires of cars, trucks, bicycles, etc. The tire pressure gauge adopts pressure sensing technology with high measurement accuracy (error less than 0.05%) and long service life. Use the tire pressure gauge to test the tire pressure in time, so that the driver can know the tire pressure of his car tire in time. The pointer type operation is simple, the digital reading is convenient, and the alarm type does not display the tire pressure value. Each tire pressure gauge has a certain pressure measurement range. Generally, 0-100PSI is enough for household use, and heavy-duty tire pressure gauges for trucks, etc. are not required.

  • Principle of Tire Inflator

    The tire inflator is a cutting-edge technology product that automatically adjusts the tire pressure through a microprocessor and a pressure sensor. It can complete the inflation/deflation/inspection of the tire at one time. It has high accuracy, fast speed, durability, simple operation, and brings better tires. protection of. It completely replaces manual barometers to eliminate errors and better protect tires.
    The tire pressure is returned to the sensor to automatically calculate whether the tire needs to be inflated or deflated, open the valve, and perform work until the pressure reaches the correct tire pressure value.

  • The working principle of car horn

    The car horn generates sound through the vibration of the metal diaphragm. The car horn is composed of iron core, electromagnetic coil, contact, armature, diaphragm, etc. When the driver presses the horn switch, current flows through the coil through the contacts, and the coil generates magnetic force to attract the armature, thereby forcing the diaphragm to move. The armature moves to open the contacts, the current is interrupted, and the magnetic force of the coil disappears. The diaphragm is elastic and spring. Under this action, it returns to the original position together with the armature, the contact closure circuit is connected again, the current flows through the coil through the contact to generate magnetic force, and the above action is repeated. In this way, the diaphragm keeps vibrating and produces sound. The sound board is rigidly connected to the diaphragm, which can make the vibration stable and make the sound more pleasing (ie the principle of electromagnet)

  • What is a car horn

    According to the sound power, car horns are divided into two types: air horn and electric horn; according to their appearance, they are divided into three types: cylindrical, spiral and basin; according to the sound frequency, they are divided into two types: tweeter and woofer.
    The horn is the audio signal device of the car. In the driving process of the car, the driver sends out the necessary audio signals according to needs and regulations to warn pedestrians and attract other vehicles to ensure traffic safety. At the same time, it is also used for urging and transmitting signals.

  • Types of motorcycle gloves

    Motorcycle gloves can be roughly divided into two types according to their length: long gloves and short gloves. The length of the gloves is not only the difference in appearance, but also for different wearing needs: long gloves can provide better coverage and protection, but are less flexible and difficult to put on and take off; short gloves make up for this situation and have better It is flexible and easy to put on and take off, but its protection is relatively lower than that of long gloves. Therefore, among the following different types of gloves, according to the characteristics of the length of the gloves, they have different appearances.

  • Motorcycle gloves introduction

    Motorcycle gloves are a kind of sports gloves. As the name suggests, they are mainly used for driving motorcycle gloves, especially those used by motorcycle racers. Motorcycle gloves are exquisite in materials, complex in style, and highly functional in resistance to friction and impact. Motorcycle gloves are generally made of genuine leather or high imitation leather, with high-quality foam materials that resist friction and impact at the joints, and carbon fiber protective parts on the back of the hand if necessary. Motorcycle gloves, like other sports gloves, are products of a labor-intensive industry. Due to their complex shapes and functions, they require many processes to complete.

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