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  • Tire pressure gauge with external sensor

    Tire pressure gauge is a kind of pneumatic tire pressure gauge, which is composed of meter head, piston, meter body, ruler, main spring, etc. There is only one pressure measuring port on the meter head.

    There are different standard units for air pressure, generally there are 3 to 4 kinds. Just as the weight can be expressed in kilograms and kilograms, there are 3 to 4 types of indication units on the barometer, such as kg/cm2, bar, PSI and kpa. The conversion relationship between them is as follows: 1bar=1.02kg /cm2=102kpa=14.5PSI

    Align the notch of the measuring end of the tire pressure gauge with the tire valve and press tightly. At this time, the pointer of the tire pressure gauge deflects, and its indicating value is the inflation pressure of the tire, or the benchmark bar of the tire barometer is pushed out under the action of air pressure, and the value displayed on the benchmark bar is the inflation pressure of the tire.

  • Illuminated portable air pump electric tire inflator

    The automatic inflator is a cutting-edge technology product that can automatically adjust tire pressure through a microprocessor and pressure sensor. It can complete the inflation/deflation/inspection of tires at one time. It has the characteristics of high precision, speed, durability, simple operation, and brings better tires. protection. It completely replaces the manual barometer to eliminate errors and better protect the tires. microprocessor and a pressure sensor. It can complete the inflation/deflation/inspection of the tire at one time. It has high accuracy, fast speed, durability, simple operation, and brings better tires. protection of. It completely replaces manual barometers to eliminate errors and better protect tires.

    The tire pressure is returned to the sensor to automatically calculate whether the tire needs to be inflated or deflated, open the valve and perform work until the pressure reaches the correct tire pressure value. Just set the required pressure and connect the tires. When the required pressure is reached, it will automatically stop and emit a beep.to be inflated or deflated, open the valve, and perform work until the pressure reaches the correct tire pressure value. Just set the required pressure and connect the tires. When the required pressure is reached, it will automatically stop and emit a prompt sound.

    Portable 30 cylinder air pump electric tire inflator 12V car marine digital car air compressor with light

  • What are the motorcycle audio

    Many car owners like to listen to music while driving to make driving more fun. However, listening to music is also a little troublesome. There is more uncertainty in listening to the radio on the radio. Maybe there is not a song that you like to listen to in an hour of broadcasting. When listening to music on a CD player, you have to jump over when you encounter a song you don’t like. A large stack of CD boxes in the compartment in the car also takes up space. Thus, the motorcycle sound response came into being.

    Specifically, it is divided into two categories: one is MP3 players with built-in transmitter modules. This type of MP3 players have integrated FM transmitters inside. As long as there is one such MP3, it can achieve vehicle functions. The other is a separate FM transmitter module, which is just a separate FM transmitter. Strictly speaking, it is not specially prepared for MP3. Other products such as PDA, CD, MD, etc. can also be used.
    Motorcycle audio is divided into two series: built-in and external. The distinction between the two series is mainly based on the combination of vehicle radio frequency devices and MP3 players. The integrated design of the vehicle-mounted radio frequency device built into the MP3 player is called the built-in motorcycle MP3; the ordinary MP3 is bundled with an FM transmitter, which is called the external motorcycle MP3.
    In addition to being portable and compact, the built-in motorcycle MP3 has many transmission frequency bands. This is the most obvious benefit of the built-in motorcycle MP3, which means that the motorcycle MP3 transmission frequency band is not easy to conflict with local FM radio stations. When a band is already occupied, the owner can choose another band to play favorite MP3 music. Some newly designed all-in-one electric vehicle MP3 products can even support any frequency band transmission, further breaking the limitation of FM transmission frequency. The disadvantage of the built-in MP3 is that once it is selected, it cannot be easily replaced because the appearance is not popular enough. This is easier to achieve with the external MP3. For the bundled collocation in which the radio frequency device and the player are separated, when the car owner does not like the appearance of the player, the player can be replaced separately without wasting more money. However, there are generally only a few fixed frequency bands for external MP3 transmission, and many of the transmitters are not specially prepared for MP3 playback.

  • What brand of motorcycle helmet is good

    Motorcycle helmet (standard named motorcycle occupant helmet) is a head protection device for motorcycle drivers and passengers. The main purpose of the helmet is to protect the knight’s head when impacted, prevent or reduce damage and even save the knight’s life.

    Some helmets provide additional convenient devices: such as vent devices, face shields, ear protection devices, intercom devices, etc. Generally can be divided into two kinds of winter helmets and summer helmets.

    Motorcycle helmet with built-in lens

    -ABS plastic material, strong and durable
    -Built-in black and transparent lens
    -Retro style design
    -Lightweight and portable
    -DOT certification to ensure safety
    -Comfortable and thick lining, safe and warm product

  • How much is the price of motorcycle helmets?

    Helmets are equipment with extraordinary protection for the head. They are usually used in military training, combat, people's traffic, and industrial production. It is mostly semicircular, mainly composed of three parts: shell, lining and suspension device. Ancient helmets were mainly made of leather, cotton cloth, linen cloth, and metal. In modern times, they were also made of resin or plastic.

    motorcycle helmet

    How much is a better price for motorcycle helmets? In terms of the frequency of use and acceptance of motorcycles, it is generally distinguished according to brand and price: GSB general public grade has a wide range of applications and more people use LS2. Many people use it for long-distance motorcycle trips. The application is similar to the above LS2. But I personally think that LS2 is better. Tank prices are high. SHOEI is used by a small number of professional and non-professional drivers. They are also more professional. There are also professional racing helmets, which are generally not used. The rest is the original helmets of BMW and German motorcycles. The general price is 4K-20 thousand. It is resistant to beating and can be dealt with very well. In the car accident in 2020, LS2 saved my life. My hands were seriously injured and the front body of the body was scrapped. , There is no damage to the helmet, you can imagine and measure it yourself.

    More helmet types are as follows:motorcycle helmet

  • What is a car instrument? how much for one?

    The gauges of different car dashboards are different, but the conventional gauges of general cars include speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, fuel gauge, charging meter, etc. In modern automobiles, automobile instruments also need to install voltage regulators, which are specially used to stabilize the voltage of the instrument power supply and suppress the fluctuation range to ensure the accuracy of automobile instruments. In addition, most of the instrument display is based on the sensor, and the sensing device changes its resistance value according to the state of the monitored object, which is expressed by the instrument. The most conspicuous thing in the dashboard is the speedometer, which indicates the speed of the car in km/h (km/h). The speedometer actually consists of two tables, one is a speedometer and the other is an odometer.

    The car instrument looks simple, but it is not. As a vehicle information center, the screen is its display carrier, and the displayed content is its core. The display content comes from each electronic control unit on the vehicle communication system, which can be regarded as a display window of the vehicle electronic system integration capabilities. This square-inch area not only reflects the technical strength of the engineer’s design, but also shows the designer’s aesthetic perspective. It can provide automotive OEMs with higher added value of electronic products, match their models with more perfect personality, and provide consumers with more Diversified choices and personalized driving experience.

    Auto Meter

    Whether it is the most common hybrid instrument in the industry or the digital instrument that is gradually emerging in the luxury car market, from the perspective of the design pattern, both symmetrical and asymmetrical layouts can be adopted. Symmetrical design, for example, the speedometer and tachometer are located on the left and right sides, and the fuel gauge and temperature gauge are placed below. If customers need more pointers, they can provide oil pressure (O), battery voltage or power (B), and leave the middle for information settings, alarms, and entertainment information. If there is still room, you can put some alarm symbols or simple gear functions. Asymmetrical design can make the instrument configuration more patchy. For example, in a hybrid instrument, the TFT display is placed on the right instead of in the center.

    If you are looking for the best electronics:Auto Meter

  • What is a car speaker?How much does it cost to install speakers in your car?

    Benefits of car speakers
    Upgrade your stereo system. There are many issues that car manufacturers need to consider when designing a fully functional vehicle. Sometimes, it doesn't take much effort to create better-sounding speakers for cars. The good news is that you can buy aftermarket speakers to improve the sound quality.
    Experience wonderful music. Have you ever felt that you are not getting the most from your favorite songs? Well, it is very likely that your current car speakers are not capable of handling different notes. Consider modifying the stereo speakers to enjoy stronger bass and brighter music.
    Enjoy driving. If you spend most of your time in the car (whether it is work or leisure time), then good music with high-quality speakers can eliminate the troubles of driving. A set of high-quality car speakers will enhance the stereo effect and preserve the basics, thus bringing you a good listening experience while driving.
    Space friendly. Aftermarket speakers will not take up too much space in your car. A set of two on the door or under the seat is sufficient. If you are concerned about the size of the space, you can also choose a smaller speaker instead of a large woofer.

    Types of car speakers
    Combination speaker
    Combining speakers provides the best audio experience, but the drivers are not always together. Each component is placed in a different part of the car and installed in a different way to improve the user experience. Possible arrangements might be a woofer on the side of the door, a subwoofer in the trunk and a tweeter in the dashboard. The crossover ensures that the higher frequencies are directed to the tweeter, while the woofer can handle the lower frequencies.

    Coaxial (full range) speaker
    Coaxial speakers are easier to install and are reasonably priced because every component is built into the system. It consists of a woofer that handles low and medium frequencies and a tweeter that handles high-end frequencies. The drivers are in the same location, and some models place the tweeter above the woofer or rotate it to the left so that it can be tilted in different directions. Coaxial speakers provide a better listening experience than factory speaker systems.

    Car speaker

    Coaxial speakers are the cheapest and most common model. These speakers are easy to install, but usually produce lower sound quality. …They integrate the midrange by integrating the woofer (for low-pitched sounds) and the tweeter (for high-pitched sounds) into one unit.

    You may need to replace the speakers in your car, especially if your car is older. This is not always essential for high sound quality, however. You can replace the speakers of your car for $70 to $100 or you can purchase a complete component speaker system, complete with crossover, tweeter and subwoofer, for $800.

    We have many car speakers:Car speakers and horns

  • YSJ01 D2S HID Car Xenon Headlight Waterproof 6000K 11000lm


    Do you still worry about your car headlights being too dim to see clearly at night or in rainy days? Are they not in a good quality? Irradiation distance not enough?
    Now, no more! Our xenon headlights can solve all above the problems. They are much brighter than traditional halogen light and can work much longer. Stable enough for various situations and easy for installing. Take it, and upgrade your driving!

    Main Features:
    Ultra high brightness
    - Two times as bright as the halogen light, 50 percent brighter than the ordinary xenon light, ensures a wider vision

    Cool white light
    - Color temperature up to 6000K, pure and beautiful, quick start and flexible switching

    No extra glare
    - Adopted with anti-UV blue tube, guarantee the greater controllable lighting range, to avoid dazzling risks, do not cause interference to the oncoming car

    No flashing
    - High-temperature resistant silicone fix the light to ensure that it is shockproof, avoid flashing light on the bumpy road, and better to help the bulb cooling

    IP65 waterproof rating
    - Good sealing, waterproof and dustproof, can be used in the various environment

    Wide voltage range
    - Also maintain normal work even in low battery voltage

    Plug and play
    - Easy installation within 15 minutes

    Premium quality
    - Super long lifespan up to 30000 hours, can be normally used for 5 - 7 years, 10 times as long as the halogen lamp, efficient and environmentally friendly

    - Material: quartz glasses
    - Socket type: D2S
    - Color: cool white
    - Voltage input: 12V
    - Current output: AC
    - Color temperature: 6000K
    - Luminous flux: 11000lm (one pair)
    - Power: 110W (one pair)
    - Waterproof: IP65
    - Lifespan: about 30000 hours
    - Working noise: 10 dB (A) and less
    - Working temperature: -40 - 105 Deg.C

    Item Type: Car Headlights
    Light Source: Xenon
    Voltage: 12V
    Xenon Light Model: D2S

    Package weight: 0.096 kg
    Package Size(L x W x H): 8.50 x 4.00 x 9.00 cm / 3.35 x 1.57 x 3.54 inches

    Package Contents: 2 x Car HeadlightIPXX Rating Chart

    IP Code
    The IP Code (or International Protection Rating, sometimes also interpreted as Ingress Protection Rating*) consists of the letters IP followed by two digits and an optional letter. As defined in international standard IEC 60529, it classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects (including body parts like hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water in electrical enclosures. The standard aims to provide users more detailed information than vague marketing terms such as waterproof.

    The digits (characteristic numerals) indicate conformity with the conditions summarized in the tables below. For example, an electrical socket rated IP22 is protected against insertion of fingers and will not be damaged or become unsafe during a specified test in which it is exposed to vertically or nearly vertically dripping water. IP22 or 2X are typical minimum requirements for the design of electrical accessories for indoor use.

    YSJ01 D2S 12V HID Car Xenon Headlight Waterproof 6000K 11000lm

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  • Car Bluetooth HandsFree Communicating Kit MP3 Player Fix on Steering Wheel


    1. Fixed on the steering wheel with special hook structure which is convenient for fixing and operation.
    2. DSP technology, Full duplex, CVC noise and echo suppression.
    3. Support TTS function
    4. Support MIC mute function
    5. Answer/end/reject a call, last call redialing, and call switch
    6. Support A2DP function, can play cell phone music and control it completely via Bluetooth car kit.
    7. Built-in high intelligent microphone and powerful speaker in order keep excellent sound quality effects
    8. Built-in Li-ion Battery
    9. USB port for software update and charge
    10. Connect automatically when power is on
    11. Support dual standby

    1. Bluetooth version:2.0
    2. Bluetooth working Frequency: 2.4GHZ
    3. Receiving range of the Bluetooth device: 0~10 meters
    4. Talking range of the hands-free Mic: 0~1 meters
    5. Charging voltage: DC5V/300mA
    6. Capacity of the built-in lithium: 300mAH

    Package Includes:
    1 X Bluetooth Handfree Car Kit
    1 X Charger
    1 X USB Cable

    Type: Car MP3 Player
    Features: with MP3
    Language: No
    Connection: Bluetooth
    Interface: Micro USB,USB 2.0
    Compatible with: MP3,Mobile phone,iPhone
    Material: Plastic
    Color: BlackVoltage: 5V
    Working Voltage: DC 5V

    Music Source: Cellphone
    Bluetooth Version: 2.0
    Bluetooth protocol: A2DP
    Transmit Distance: 0~10M
    Transmit Freq.: 2.4GHZ
    Media Format: MP3
    Working Tempreture (Deg.): -10~70 degrees

    Package weight: 0.201 kg
    Product size (L x W x H): 9.80 x 4.50 x 2.30 cm / 3.86 x 1.77 x 0.91 inches
    Package size (L x W x H): 22.00 x 20.00 x 16.00 cm / 8.66 x 7.87 x 6.3 inches

    Package Contents: 1 X Bluetooth Handfree Car Kit, 1 X Charger, 1 X USB Cable

    Car Bluetooth HandsFree Communicating  Kit MP3 Player Fix on Steering Wheel

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  • Bluetooth FM Transmitter Universal Wireless In-Car Adapter Car Kit with Hand Free Call/Stereo Music Player Supported


    Product Description:
    -Brilliant Bluetooth FM Transmitter: Comes with Hands-free Car Kit Charger, which support USB driver(up to 32GB) and TF card(up to 32GB). It can
    automatically play and transmit the MP3 files of USB Flash Drive and TF Card,3.5mm AUDIO Jack Input cable included also can transmit music to your
    -4 Modes Play Music,Fast Adjust Station: Play music via USB Flash Drive and TF Card with MP3 file,with the 3.5MM aux cable,search G7 bluetooth in
    your device and connect.built-in microphone with (CVC) technology. At first, plug it into car cigarette lighter. you should choose a blank channel and it
    will make a whisper. Then, you set the device to the same channel(87.5~108MHz). you should click the CH button, use the + or - to adjust the
    station in 3~4 seconds,the LED will light
    -Smart USB Port for Reading& Fast Safe Charging: With USB Reading and charge function, allows you play music form your phone or tablet during
    charging. Safe output current will never damage your devices
    -Hands-free Calling,Safe Driving: Search G7 bluetooth in your device and connect,simply paired your phone with the Bluetooth Adapter and its
    Hands-free System can liberate your hands during answer the calls and let you drive safely
    -Broad Compatibility: Suitable for all types of vehicle. Universal design for all types of devices! Working as Hands-Free Calling and Car Charger for any
    devices with USB or Bluetooth including IPhone, iPods, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus or other smartphone, GPS and tablets

    Type: Car MP3 Player
    Features: Controllable power switch,with MP3
    Language: No
    Connection: Bluetooth,Wireless
    Interface: Micro USB,TF Card Slot
    Compatible with: MP3,Mobile phone,iPod,iPhone
    Material: Plastic,Electronic Components
    Color: BlackVoltage: 12 - 24V

    Music Source: SD card,TF/Micro SD Card,Cellphone

    Package weight: 0.114 kg
    Package size (L x W x H): 12.00 x 9.50 x 3.50 cm / 4.72 x 3.74 x 1.38 inches

    Package Contents: 1 x Bluetooth FM Transmitter , 1 x English Instruction , 1 x Cable

    Bluetooth FM Transmitter  Universal Wireless In-Car  Adapter Car Kit with Hand Free Call/Stereo Music Player Supported

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