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JBL CS763 Pair of 6.5 inch 45 - 135W Coaxial Three-way Car Speakers

According to the sound power, car speakers are divided into two types: air horn and electric horn; according to their appearance, they are divided into three types: cylindrical, spiral and basin; according to the sound frequency, they are divided into two types: tweeter and woofer.

Electric horn
The working principle of the electric horn is to use electromagnetic attraction to vibrate the metal diaphragm to produce sound. It is a kind of horn widely used in automobiles. According to the structure, it is divided into three types: cylindrical, spiral and basin. Generally, it is made into spiral or basin.

  1. Spiral electric horn
    The diaphragm continuously vibrates to emit a certain tone of sound wave, and the sound is strengthened through the soundboard and speaker tube and then transmitted. The sound board is rigidly connected with the diaphragm, and it produces accompanying sound when it vibrates, enhancing the volume and improving the timbre, making the sound pleasant and pleasant. A capacitor is connected in parallel between the contacts. It plays the role of extinguishing the arc, protecting the contacts, and improving the tone.
  2. Pot-shaped electric horn
    The working principle is the same as that of the spiral electric horn, and the structure is basically the same, except that there is no speaker tube, and the sound is resonated by the sound board. In addition, the magnetic circuit uses a solenoid type electromagnet instead of an E-type iron core. The solenoid type has a smaller volume and a stronger electromagnetic attraction than the E-type electromagnet.
    Horn relay

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When a single electric horn is installed on a car, it is generally directly controlled by the horn button. However, in order to obtain a more pleasing sound effect, most cars often use high and low speakers, or even high, medium, and low tones.

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