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  • What to do after using the camera

    Remove parts
    Remove the tape and battery from the camera before storing the camera after use. As long as the video tape is loaded into the camera, the tape will be led out by the camera's strap system, and the video recording part of the camera is in working condition. If the tape is not taken out before storage, after a long period of time, the tape that is pulled out will loosen and fall off the traction mechanism, which may cause the tie and cause mechanical failure the next time it is used. When storing video tapes, keep them away from heaters and other heat sources, not too close to strong magnetic fields, and store them upright in the original packaging box. If the battery is installed on the camera for a long time, it will consume power even if the power switch is turned off. Excessive battery discharge will affect its service life. If the battery is not used for a long time, charge and discharge it every six months.

    Pay attention to moisture
    Put the camera in a sealed plastic bag before entering the room, and take it out when the standby device is at the same temperature as the room. The head of the camera is a vulnerable part, and its life span is not only related to the material of the head and the quality of the tape used, but also closely related to the humidity of the air in the environment. The higher the air humidity, the faster the video head wears out. Generally, the life of the head is the longest when the relative humidity is 40%. Therefore, the humidity of the environment where the camera is used and stored is most suitable to be kept at about 40%. Remove from the camera. As long as the video tape is loaded into the camera, the tape will be led out by the camera's strap system, and the video recording part of the camera is in working condition. If the tape is not taken out before storage, after a long period of time, the tape that is pulled out will loosen and fall off the traction mechanism, which may cause the tie and cause mechanical failure the next time it is used. When storing video tapes, keep them away from heaters and other heat sources, not too close to strong magnetic fields, and store them upright in the original packaging box. If the battery is installed on the camera for a long time, it will consume power even if the power switch is turned off. Excessive battery discharge will affect its service life. If the battery is not used for a long time, charge and discharge it every six months.

    Stay away from the magnetic field
    Since the camera part uses the photoelectric conversion principle and the video part uses the electromagnetic conversion principle, the strong magnetic field and the strong electric field will affect the normal performance of its performance. In severe cases, it will cause image distortion and sound distortion. For this reason, the camera should be kept away from strong magnetic objects or objects capable of strong electromagnetic induction, such as televisions, speakers, induction cookers, transformers, etc., during work and storage.

  • What to pay attention to when using the camera

    Don't get caught in the rain

    If you have to use it outdoors on rainy days due to shooting needs, you must take measures to protect the camera from rain, such as covering the camera with a plastic bag and bringing an umbrella. Once the camera accidentally enters the water, remove the battery immediately. The faster the better, do not turn on the camera while testing whether the camera can still work, because most of the water-ingressing machinery is damaged because of this operation. If the water is very clean and the amount is not large, you only need to place the camera in a dry, ventilated, dust-free place for 2-3 days before turning it on.

    Dustproof is necessary

    Dust falling on the lens will affect the clarity of the camera, and will increase the inertia of the adjustment switches and knobs. The magnetic head and tape move at relatively high speed during shooting. The dust on the magnetic head or tape will damage the head like sand And tape. In order to prevent dust from entering the camera and polluting the movement, drum, viewfinder, liquid crystal screen, and lens, effective dust-proof measures must be taken. For example, when shooting in a sandy environment, cover the camera with a transparent plastic bag, or make a simple dust-proof belt to cover the body. When you carry the camera, you should put the camera in a special bag or box. When you stop shooting, you should always cover the lens cover and install a UV lens in front of the lens. It can effectively prevent dust and raindrops from entering the lens.

    Pay attention to shock

    When carrying and using the camera, pay attention to shock and drop resistance. Take out the battery tape when traveling to avoid violent vibration of the camera, such as putting the camera in the rear luggage compartment of a car. Severe vibrations and external impacts will damage or even deform camera parts. Do not use a tripod to take selfies on uneven ground or crowded places to prevent the corner stand from being knocked down by tourists, and try not to let children operate the camera.

  • How about the wireless charger

    With the continuous improvement of the requirements for power supply quality, safety, reliability, convenience, immediacy, special occasions, and special geographical environment, the contact-type power transmission method is increasingly unable to meet actual needs.

    The wireless charger is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction for charging. Its principle is similar to that of a transformer. By placing a coil at the transmitting and receiving ends, the transmitting end coil sends an electromagnetic signal to the outside under the action of power, and the receiving end coil receives the electromagnetic signal. Signal and convert electromagnetic signal into electric current, so as to achieve the purpose of wireless charging. Wireless charging technology is a special way of power supply. It does not require a power cord, relies on electromagnetic wave propagation, and then converts electromagnetic wave energy into electrical energy, and finally realizes wireless charging.

    New electronic products, especially portable electronic products such as digital cameras, mobile phones, and tablet computers, are being used more and more in people's work and life, and their matching chargers also use traditional wired chargers. However, the compatibility and versatility of wired chargers are relatively poor, and it is inconvenient for users to carry and charge. At the same time, post-disposal treatment increases environmental pollution. Therefore, it is extremely urgent to provide users with more reliable, convenient, convenient and timely charging equipment. The development of wireless technology makes it possible to transmit radio power, and the research and development of wireless chargers will also meet user requirements.
    There will be three main forms of battery charging in the future: visual charging, smart charging and wireless charging.

  • Sports unlimited bluetooth headset, headphone

    Headphones are not inserted into the ear canal and are different from earphones. It is composed of two parts, a signal transmitter and a headset with a signal receiving and amplifying device. The transmitter is connected to the signal source. You can also connect a pre-stage or headphone amplifier before the transmitter to improve the sound quality and adjust the tone.

    Wireless headsets generally refer to headset systems that transmit signals by infrared rays, and cordless headsets refer to headset systems that use radio waves to transmit signals.

    The biggest advantage of the in-ear type is that it saves electricity, and ordinary mp3 can be driven, and then it can avoid environmental noise. After all, the ears are blocked while listening to music. The main reason for the poor bass of the headset is that the sound unit reduces the cost, and some headsets have strong bass, but need computer CD and other equipment to drive, and the mp3 drive does not have the bass effect.

  • Camera battery saving tips

    The battery is the key to the digital camera. I am afraid that the importance is second only to the lens. If you want to shoot smoothly, a strong battery is essential for subsequent power supply. However, even the best battery will lose its strong power without maintenance. Therefore, the maintenance of the battery is very important.

    If you do not use the camera for a long time, you should remove the battery and store it in a dry and cool environment. Because if the battery is left in the camera for a long time, it will cause leakage, and in serious cases, it may cause damage to some circuits.

    Many people turn off the camera to save power when not using it. In fact, the power consumption is faster when the camera is turned on than in the standby state. Therefore, when we pause shooting, we still keep the camera in the standby state.

    When the camera is in a low temperature environment, it usually consumes more power to maintain operation, and the battery performance is often reduced. If shooting in a low temperature environment, we can pay attention to the temperature of the battery. In this case, we can take the camera battery out and put it in our pocket to keep the battery at a normal temperature. Can add a spare camera battery.

  • How to choose an external hard drive

    Backing up the most important files to a cloud provider is great, but if your internet goes down, backups are also readily available. This is where external drives come in. They even provide a good way to expand the storage of low-end laptops and portable devices.

    It can be said that the most important specification to consider when buying an external hard drive is storage space. It is not appropriate to buy high-speed equipment with encryption and remote access functions if it is not enough to actually store the information you need. In other words, you also don't want to pay for a drive through your nose that you will never get close to filling, so what is your goal? It depends on what you want to use it for.

    The operating speed of the drive has two main factors: the storage technology and the connectors used. Although some drives are faster than others (and if you want cutting-edge speed, make sure to check the option's comments), in general, solid state drives (SSD) can process data faster than hard disk drives (HDD). External SSDs tend to be more expensive than their HDDs and usually have less storage capacity. You don't have to own one of them, because there are bigger SSDs there, but you have to pay extra.

    Another reason to consider SSDs instead of HDDs is durability. Although modern external drives are usually equipped with a sturdy case to protect them from damage, if they are hit or dropped, the two technologies have very different physical makeup. SSD has no moving parts, making it more durable than traditional hard drives and reducing damage. Although no one plans to give up their external drives, SSDs can provide more protection to prevent such unfortunate incidents if you think it is possible.

  • The difference between fast charger and ordinary charger

    Fast charging refers to a charging method that can make the battery reach or close to a fully charged state within 1 to 5 hours. So the main difference between fast charging chargers and ordinary chargers is the charging time. With the continuous update and iteration of mobile phones, the charging time of the mobile phone has been fully charged from 10-15 hours before to 1-2 hours now because of the use of fast charging. A well-known mobile phone’s advertisement "Charge for 5 minutes, talk for 2 hours" is because it uses the fast charging function, charging in a short time can reach the power required for 2 hours of talk.

    There are two main directions for increasing the charging speed, one is to increase the voltage and the other is to increase the current. Increasing the voltage will increase the heat production during the charging process, accelerate battery aging and may bring safety hazards, so now the mainstream fast charging method is to increase the charging current. The charging currents of common mobile phone chargers are 0.5A, 1A, and 1.5A. , 2A, 2.5A, 3A, it is generally considered that chargers with a current exceeding 2A including 2A are fast charging chargers, and chargers below 2A are ordinary chargers.

  • The printer consists of those parts

    From the outside, printer is mainly composed of a shell, a control panel, an interface, a paper tray, a paper jam guide, a paper feeder, and a paper output extension board;

    Extended information

    Classification and characteristics of printers based on component structure

    1. Classification: According to the data transmission mode, it can be divided into serial printers and parallel printers; but according to the working principle of printers, printers can be divided into two categories: impact type and non-impact type.
    2. Features:

    ①The highest printing speed: 52.5 fonts/second.

    ②With international font library.

    ③There are parallel and series terminals.

    ④ Thermal serial dot printer.

    ⑤ Make a hard copy of the measurement results.

    Printer precautions

    In case the printer generates heat, smoke, peculiar smell, abnormal sound, etc., please cut off the power immediately and contact the information personnel.

    No other items are allowed on the printer. When the printer is not used for a long time, please unplug the power plug from the power socket.

    Just in case, when there is a thunder nearby, pull out the power plug from the socket. If it is plugged in, the machine may be damaged.

  • How to connect the projector to the mobile phone?

    Some projectors have a USB port. You are more likely to find one on a document projector than a home theater model, although it is rare in both cases. However, if you are lucky enough to have this option, it is by far the easiest way to connect a phone to a projector. Just connect the cables to both devices, make sure the projector is set to the correct input channel, and then turn them on.


    Let me talk about the wired connection first: there are two ways: one is if the smart phone supports MHL connection, then directly buy an MHL cable, connect one end to the phone, and the other end to the HDMI interface of the projector, and then select the projector The signal source is high-definition signal (HDMI interface input), which can realize the same screen of the mobile phone to the projector.

  • Action Camera Accessory Set 45m Water-resistant for Xiaomi Mijia Action Camera


    Product Features:
    1. Water-Resistant
    Water-Resistant for Xiaomi Mijia cameras is Water-Resistant even 45 m/49.21yd below in water. The lens made of tempered glass material is dust-proof, scratch-resistant with high transmittance. The flat lens will provide you with more high-definition vision.
    2. Chest Strap
    This adjustable chest strap is suitable for Xiaomi Mijia,for GOPRO / SJCAM / Xiaoyi and other action cameras. You can shoot from different angles with it. It is also widely used in skiing, cycling, rowing and so on.
    3. The O-shape Bike Clip
    The durable bike clip will prevent your camera from falling off. It does not damage the membrane nor take up much space. Moreover, it can rotate freely in 360 degrees, and it can be disassembled easily. You can fix it on the rear-view mirror or the handlebar whose diameter is about 2-3cm/ 0.79- 1.18in. And it's applicable for racing bicycles, motorcycles, electric cars and etc..
    4. The Wrist Strap for Fixing the Remote Control
    It can fix the remote control on the wrist to capture the screen quickly, and the size is adjustable.
    5. 360 - degree Palm Strap
    (1). For GoPro arm strap can be applied to tie the DV on the arm for shooting, and it's suitable for Hero 1 / 2 / 3 / 3+. It can be used for arms, wrists and all objects in similar size
    (2). With the design of a soft cushion on its back, it's more comfortable to wear. And you can connect it to the waterproof shell directly for use. Moreover, a fixing screw is provided exclusively
    (3). Applications: cycling (bicycles and motorcycles), skiing, surfing and other sports.
    (4). It's elastic even when it's extended to about 32cm/12.60in. And it can be tied on arms, wrists, calves and parts with similar diameters. In addition, it's applicable for hiking, wading, cycling and diving.
    6. The Helmet Belt
    It can fasten for Xiaoyi camera to the hollow helmet for cycling, skiing, rowing boat or other sports. The adapting belt can fix the camera quickly and conveniently and it's adjustable in length.
    7. The Set for Fixing the Helmet
    Helmet dedicated selfie stick and extension rod for distancing your face.
    8.The Adapter
    Connect the tripod adapter for Mijia mini action camera, then the camera can be connected to the conventional tripod.
    9. The J-shaped Mount
    It is applicable to the chest strap and ancillary accessories for shooting angle adjustment.
    10. Wrench Screw
    It is more labor-saving and convenient to tighten the camera with this screw, which make it easier to use.
    11. Anti-fog Inserts
    They can be inserted in the waterproof camera shell on both sides or at the back, which effectively prevents fogging in cold and humid environments.

    Product Parameters:
    1. Weight including package: about 600G, Weight excluding the package: about 500g
    2. Carton packaging size (approx.): length: 21cm / 8.27in, width: 18cm / 7.09in, height: 6.5cm / 2.56in
    3. Size (approx.):
    Chest strap size: elastic band width 25mm / 0.98in or 38mm / 1.50in, adjustable
    360 - degree palm strap size: the maximum length 32cm / 12.60in
    Helmet strap size: width 2.5cm/ 0.98in length 26cm/ 10.24in
    Remote control wrist strap size: adjustable, width 2.5cm / 0.98in, length 30cm / 11.81in
    Bended selfie stick set size: length of the selfie stick 19cm/ 7.48in
    Water-Resistant size: length 8.3cm / 3.27in, width 4.6cm / 1.81in, height 8cm / 3.15in
    J-shaped mount size: length 4.5cm / 1.77in, width 3cm / 1.18in, height 4cm / 1.57in
    Bicycle clip size: diameter 2-3cm/ 0.79- 1.18in, adjustable
    Adapter: height 27mm/ 1.06in diameter of the base 31mm/ 1.22in
    Wrench screw size: length 6cm / 2.36in, width 3.7cm / 1.46in
    Anti-fog insert size: length 2.5cm / 0.98in, width 1.3cm / 0.51in, height 0.5cm / 0.20in

    Apply to Brand: Xiaomi
    Compatible with: Xiaomi Yi
    Accessory type: Screw,Protective Cases/Housing,Mount Adapter,Anti-fog Inserts,Head Straps,Chest Straps,Wrist Straps,Bracket,Velcro Belt,Tripod Mount Seat,Camera Accessories Kit
    Material: Nylon,Acrylic,ABS
    Waterproof: Yes
    Length Range(cm): 6.5-21
    Extened Length(cm): 21
    Folded Length(cm): 6.5

    Package weight: 0.652 kg
    Product size (L x W x H): 19.00 x 16.00 x 4.50 cm / 7.48 x 6.3 x 1.77 inches
    Package size (L x W x H): 21.00 x 18.00 x 6.50 cm / 8.27 x 7.09 x 2.56 inches

    Package Contents: 1 x Water-Resistant Case, 1 x Chest Strap, 1 x Helmet Strap, 2 x Adapter, 1 x Remote Control Wrist Strap, 4 x Wrench Screw, 1 x 360 - Degree Palm Strap, 12 x Anti-Fog Insert, 1 x Set for Fixing Helme


    click to read : https://www.cutebuy.com/action-camera-accessory-set-45m-water-resistant-for-xiaomi-mijia-action-camerablack.html

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