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Julius JA - 426L Women Ultrathin Quartz Wrist Watch

The shape of a watch is often related to its value and grade. Watches worn on formal occasions should be dignified and conservative in style and avoid weird and trendy. Men, especially sages and elders, should pay more attention. Novel and fancy watches are only suitable for girls and children. Generally speaking, round, oval, square, rectangular and rhombus watches, because of their solemn and conservative shapes, have a wide range of applications and are especially suitable for wearing on formal occasions.
Choose a watch to wear on formal occasions. The colors should not be messy. Generally, you should choose a single-color watch or a two-color watch. You should not choose a three-color or more than three-color watch. Whether it is a monochrome watch or a two-color watch, its colors must be clear, noble, and elegant. Gold watches, silver watches, and black watches, that is, watches with gold, silver, and black dials, cases and straps are the most ideal choice. Watches with gold case, strap, and milky white dial can also withstand the test of time and will not be outdated in any age.


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Julius JA - 426L Women Ultrathin Quartz Wrist Watch

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